COVID-19 Triage Plan Part 7: details of DoD’s draft Sec. 3610 process guidance as of May 21, 2020

By Baker Tiley

To add to resources in regards to COVID-19 and contracting, Baker Tiley's Brent Calhoon and Jen Flickinger published a mini-series "Triage Plan" in response to COVID regulations for contractors. This was a weekly webinar, which we hope our NCMA Members will find useful while navigating these uncertain times.

In this webinar, Baker Tiley introduces DoD’s Draft Reimbursement Process Guidance and report out on the benefits and challenges of DoD’s approach.  Isaac Natter of DoD’s Office of the General Counsel and advisor to DPC shares his views and insights.  We don’t yet know how DoD will incorporate public comments into its Final Guidance, so please view this webinar if you’re seeking Section 3610 relief on defense contracts.

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Source: Baker Tiley

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