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COVID-19 Triage Plan Part 7: details of DoD’s draft Sec. 3610 process guidance as of May 21, 2020
To add to resources in regards to COVID-19 and contracting, Baker Tiley's Brent Calhoon and Jen Flickinger published a m
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NCMA Denver Chapter - CMLDP Graduation PY 2018-2019!
NCMA Denver woul
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CM Magazine - Contractor Employee Morale: The Government Benefits, but will They Pay for It?

Virtually every commercial company supplements its approach to employee morale by offering perks, events

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CM Magazine - 10 Seemingly Harmless Contract Clauses That Can Cost You — And How Organizations Can Mitigate the Negative Outcomes They Can Cause
While they may seem harmless, some “standard” clauses can, in fact, cause unjust and inequitable outcomes for
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